Since every wedding is unique, we tailor what we do to your specific wedding and your specific tastes...


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For EVERY wedding, we are committed to:


  1. Providing you with our custom 8-page Wedding Ceremony & Reception Planning Form to help you plan and decide what events you want at your ceremony and reception; and further, what music you want at YOUR event.
  2. Providing a Pre-Wedding Meeting with the you, your fiancee, and other participants you invite 2-3 weeks prior to your special day to discuss music selections, go over any ideas, and ensuring that we will pronounce all of you and your Wedding Party's names correctly.
  3. Purchasing any songs, special remixes, and/or other music or sound you want for your wedding that we do not already have in our EXTENSIVE music holdings.
  4. Arriving at your event 1.5-2 hours before your event for setup, ensuring that the sound surpasses your expectations - all while ensuring a professional and clean setup.
  5. Playing the music YOU want at your wedding from beginning to end.
  6. Helping coordinate events during the wedding with select individuals to ensure that your wedding flows, to include coordination with: photographers, wedding planners, caterers, and other designated people.
  7. Planning ahead in case of disasters, to include bringing extra equipment to backup our already reliable systems.
  8. Bringing a second DJ or DJ assistant, at no additional cost to you, to help coordinate wedding events you might need help timing, like: the start of processional music when the Wedding Party is ready to walk down the aisle, the start of recessional music when the ceremony is complete, lining up the Wedding Party at the reception (in the correct order), coordinating the bouquet and garter toss, and much much more! Don't want to cut the cake or toss the garter at the time you initially wanted? No, problem - just let us know and we wait for your signal.
  9. Staying until YOU are ready for the reception to be over. Generally, we plan on ending at the agreed upon time, but if you want us for an extra hour our two, we will gladly work with you on extending - even the day of the wedding. 
  10. Prompt & professional clean-up when the reception has concluded. Once you and your guests depart, we quickly breakdown all equiment so you don't get any complaints from the venue.




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