Wedding Tips for You and Your Guests

We have helped plan and been part of a significant number of weddings... In 2012 alone, Bulldog DJ & Karaoke proudly provided DJ service for 37 weddings around MD, DC, and VA. By 2015, that number has grown to approx. 60 weddings per year!!!


So, with all of that experience, we want to help make it happen through wedding planning tips and other resources to help you navigate this daunting task.


Wedding Tips

  • Breathe, everything is going to be just fine!


  • Don’t forget to be a guest at your own wedding. It’s your day – so be sure you take the time to enjoy it as much as your guests do.


  • If you have guests coming from out of town who are staying at the hotel you reserved under group rates, make goodie bags that the hotel staff can put in their rooms before they arrive. Goodie bags can include water, candy bars, popcorn, a map of the area, a list of local attractions, etc. Use your imagination! This is an extra nice touch that is especially popular for couples having destination weddings.


  • You don’t always have to wedding traditions; many Brides & Grooms opt out of the bouquet toss, the garter pull, or other traditional wedding events. It’s your day, make it yours!


  • Be sure to contact your wedding vendors early and when you find one you like, make the efforts to get your wedding date on their schedule. The longer you wait to book, the less of a chance that the vendor will be available on your special day… This might cause you to have to settle for a vendor that you really didn’t want, or isn’t within your budget.


  • Try to incorporate details about who you both are, into the wedding… Think about your memories, hobbies, or even places you’ve visited together and make them part of your centerpieces or party favors.


  • When planning your wedding, don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s easy to get caught up in the tiny details and forget about the big picture.


  • For a Groom that is a sports fan, after you pull the garter, put it around a football and “pass” the garter to your “team” of available guys.


  • Don't be afraid to discuss your reception floor-plan with your DJ when planning. You will want to place your DJ against a wall or in a corner, but near the dance floor. This will enable your DJ to run speaker cables safely along walls and to hide cables associated with his/her setup, along with the DJ being able to place the subwoofer closer to the dance – all while making sure YOU are the center of attention at YOUR wedding - not the DJ.


  • Make the kiss REALLY count!




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